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Give your resting bitch face that fiery touch with this DIY Cyclops helmet

cyclops sufficiently advanced youtube

Without nerds, we wouldn’t have web-slinger Spiderman, sweetheart Deadpool or more importantly, broody Cyclops. That sunglass-wearing freak who just couldn’t resist sassy mind-controlling red heads had a knack for death-staring his foes with actual beams of molten hatred. And good news, folks — now you can too.

Using a welding helmet, a fuel tank full of volatile lighter fuel and a savvy injection and ignition system, YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced can effectively shoot fire from his eyes (albeit while sacrificing 20/20 vision).

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Yes, this DIY project is ridiculously dangerous, and yes, you probably shouldn’t even try this at work let alone home, but you have to admit: this is something we’ve all wanted to to.

Oh, just us then? Okay.

Be sure to have a look at Sufficiently Advanced’s other videos to waste the rest of your working day. But for now, have a look at this pretty awesome Cyclops DIY project in construction and flaming action below.

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