Google’s Now on Tap gets text, image search updates on Android Marshmallow

Google’s Now On Tap has received a massive update that now supports text select and image search. Now On Tap itself, only released to Android Marshmallow devices, came as an improvement to Google Now and allows users to search from within apps.

According to the company, users can now use the exact word or phrase to perform a search about images.

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“If you use Now on Tap in an app, email, chat, or news article with a lot of text, sometimes the results aren’t as precise as you’d like. Starting today, you can give Google a nudge by selecting exactly what you want help with, and you’ll get the right information, right away,” said the company in a blog post.

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This assists users when they want to search for a specific word. The search gives users a definition and links to relevant apps.

The other new feature arriving on Now On Tap is image search. The service now allows for quick image info searches (in case you didn’t guess that one). A simple touch and hold of the home button serves up a card with information about the photo. Google claims that this works across apps and not only for Google Photos.

Furthermore, users can search images via their smartphone’s camera app in real time, Google claims. Android users can point a camera at something, touch and hold the home button and get helpful card with deep links to relevant apps. This only works for certain images and objects though.

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