Facebook Messenger now has one billion monthly users worldwide

Facebook Messenger pic

Facebook Messenger has hit the one-billion monthly active user milestone, just two months after reaching 900-million monthly active users. The announcement sees two Facebook-owned apps (the other being WhatsApp) achieve this user milestone.

Facebook has revealed that more than 17-billion photos are shared every month via Messenger, more than 22-million animated GIFs are sent a day, and during Mother’s Day, users sent about 300-million flower stickers.

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Facebook has been investing heavily on Messenger not only as a messaging platform between friends, but between users and businesses. The company claims that over one-billion messages are now shared between users and companies every month.

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Facebook claims Messenger is responsible for 10% of all VoIP calls made globally too.

Messenger has also become important for developers, and over 23 000 have signed up for Wit.ai’s Bot Engine. Messenger, according to Facebook, has more than 18 000 bots on its platform, an increase from 11,000 earlier this month.

Facebook Messenger is proving to be an important app for Facebook and the company is always introducing features to improve its productivity. Already Facebook Messenger has received SMS support on Android devices and encryption for security conscious users earlier this month.

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