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Avalanche rocking Himalayas peak caught on YouTube

avalanche z1 tibet september 2016 youtube tmcanoe

Climbing any of the the Himalayas’ many peaks is dangerous enough, but what if you throw an errant avalanche into the mix? Well, you get a pretty awesome video, and a bunch of lucky hikers.

Uploaded on 2 September and spotted by Traveller24, this particular video by YouTuber tmcanoe spies an avalanche rolling down a peak’s face in the Tibetan range, creating a rather frightening thunder as it goes as well.

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The peak in question is 6000m Z1 in Zanskar, Tibet, which according to other hikers, has a history of randomly dropping lots of snow down its cliffs. This particular avalanche was captured from base camp, according to the uploader.

The video itself has been viewed over 255 000 times at the time of writing.

More than 100 people died in avalanche incidents in the Alps alone last year

Although these hikers were incredibly lucky to not be on the slopes, or closer to the avalanches’ path at the time, some in history weren’t so lucky.

At least four people have died on Z1’s much taller cousin, Everest, this year. Back in 2012, a group of nine hikers died as an avalanche on Everest swept through their camp at around 7000m above sea level. This is just one of the slew of fatal stories surrounding the Nepalese peak and its neighbours.

Beyond the Himalayas though, more than 100 people died in avalanches in the European Alps last year.

So yes, avalanches are pretty glorious to behold, but they’re definitely not to be taken lightly.

With that in mind, fill your Wednesday with some awe by glancing the video below. And spare a thought for those who are caught in these ferocious snow floods yearly.

Feature image: tmcanoe via YouTube

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