FNB codeFest kicks off in Johannesburg


The annual FNB codeFest is set to kick off from 3 October to 7 October at FNB in Fairlands, Johannesburg.

The six-day forum will be a non-stop programming marathon which will incorporate three main themes, Build, Learn and Share.

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The event takes place a week after FNB hosted the Africa DevOps Conference, a conference promoting sustainable skills development for future IT specialists. Each year more than 200 developers and programmers attend the forum to accelerate as well as innovate existing technological structures.

“Our involvement in initiatives like codeFest and the DevOps conference highlights that FNB is determined to grow and develop the IT industry in South Africa,” said FNB business CIO, Peter Alkema.

“The upliftment of IT skills in Africa has gained significant momentum with companies investing time in developing a tech-savvy generation of business leaders,” continued Alkema.

“The FNB codeFest has helped integrate business and IT — people arrive at codeFest knowing they have autonomy for five days — it’s always incredible to see what they can achieve in this type of environment,” said Alkema.

In the build-up to the FNB codeFest, many masterclasses were held covering various topics each week

“Masterclasses offer additional opportunities for learning new skills and developing existing knowledge and helping drive fintech within the banking industry,” explained Alkema.

“Business people were also encouraged to attend as they recognise the importance of understanding technology; they cannot own IT-enabled projects without a basic grasp of how it all works.”

“Whether you are in DevOps or artificial intelligence, the FNB CodeFest has something for all IT fundis,” concluded Alkema

Featured image: Adobe Stock via Flickr

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