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Bad Lip Reading gives hilarious voice to Trump’s inauguration

bad lip reading donald trump inaguration obama

Bad Lip Reading is an iconic YouTube channel. The team of tricksters turn seemingly mundane pop culture clips into pure, utterly awkward hilarity. And it’s latest victim is, unsurprisingly, US President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The channel isn’t shy of spoofing inaugurations either, with Obama getting the treatment back in 2013 (how can we possibly forget that Beyonce performance). But largely thanks to the US’s top political families’ awkward chemistry, this clip is even more cringe-worthy.

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The Trumps, Bushs, Obamas and Clintons all awkwardly star in Bad Lip Reading’s latest clip

Taking a look at Trump’s entire big day — from the presidential tea party, to the oath recitals, to the evening’s presidential ball — Bad Lip Reading leaves nothing to the imagination. The channel also brings life to the awkward exchange between Donald Trump and Barack Obama outside the White House, flanked by the current and former First Ladies.

In other news, did you know Obama owns a Jetta? We’re also upset that the continent of Atlantis hasn’t been discovered yet. Pretzels are yummy.

Actually, the less we say about this one the better. Have a look at the full clip below.

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