Humans have finally found a way to destroy the Nokia 3310

destroy nokia 3310 hydraulic press video

Ever since the Nokia 3310 was invented back in 2000, human beings have tried valiantly to destroy it. Dropping it, throwing it against walls, and even driving over the phone with a forklift did little to quell its digital spirit. But now, the hardy device might’ve finally met its match.

Thanks to the ever-curious and destructive hosts of the Hydraulic Press Channel, the Nokia 3310 came face to face with a red hot hydraulic press.

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The phone is placed side-down below the press, while the press itself grabs hold of a red hot slap of molten metal. Slowly, the press inches down, and well, that’s all there is to it.

This clip might be a little too devastating for previous owners of the Nokia 3310

Of course, many believe that the press itself was in fact made of 3310s bonded together, but we can’t deny that this is both a glorious and extremely sad moment for humanity.

Also featuring in the clip are LEGO blocks, an orange and… uh, a snowball?

Have a look at the gripping video below, and be sure to cover your smartphone’s eyes tightly (but not too firmly).

Feature image: Screenshot/Hydraulic Press Channel

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