Adele, Beyonce & more: 5 must-watch clips from last night’s Grammys

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In case you missed it (like much of sleeping South Africa), Los Angeles last night hosted the 59th edition of the Grammy Awards, or simply the Grammys. It was a landmark occasion, and not simply because it was the first one hosted in Trump’s America.

Beyonce had nine nominations, including one for best rock song. Adele had an equally impressive share herself. Tributes for George Michael and Prince would ring from the stage. But even with all this on the roster, we weren’t quite expecting a Grammy Awards evening with such memorable moments.

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With the help of Twitter, take a look at five of the coolest, strangest and downright inspirational videos from last night’s Grammys.

Beyonce slays with tech-inspired performance

Although she didn’t win for Best Album, this Beyonce performance is probably one we’ll remember for quite some time. Adorned in trinkets like an Egyptian goddess with a forest of flowers laid at her feet, there was sheer lavishness at play here. But the actual technology behind the performance also deserves a mention too.

The singer dances in front of a screen which is perfectly synced to her movements. Ultimately, it gives the impression that we’re all just in her dream.

The LA Times explains that it took over “two dozen live performances” and tweaks of each to get the desired effect. It’s quite incredible really.

Adele cusses, but still does George Michael proud

In a rather emotional night for Adele she was due to perform a George Michael tribute, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Around five seconds into the track, she paused, cussed, and begged to start the performance again.

Again, it’s not something you see often at the Grammys, but well, 2017’s edition was pretty strange.

Emotions run high: Adele dedicates Grammy award to Beyonce

As such a successful artist in her own right, Adele broke down to pay tribute to Beyonce — the artist she believed should’ve won Album of the Year. It seems that people just couldn’t stop welling up last night.

Ed Sheeran is a one man band

When not hosting the MTV Music Awards, Ed Sheeran is a pretty great performer too. His live performance of Shape of You shows just how adept he is.

Using a sampler, a set of microphones, a guitar and a T-shirt, Sheeran shows just how technology has helped indie artists, and mega-stars like himself, break the traditional pop mold.

Twentyonepilots go pant-less because Grammys

We have no idea why you’d want to strip to your undies in front of a global and celebrity audience, but okay. Nevetheless, the Twentyonepilots duo did exactly that, explaining that if they’d ever win a Grammy, they’d receive the award as they were once — largely unknown.

How times have changed.

Odd? Yes. Inspirational? You bet.

Feature image: Igor Spasic via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized)

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