Pangolin love: Google’s Valentines Day Doodle is utterly adorable

While you might be planning an intricate dinner, a beach getaway, or perhaps even a Netflix and chill session this Valentines Day, spare a thought for the poor endangered pangolin. That’s at least what Google wants you to do.

In its latest Google Doodle celebrating the 14th of February, the company has gone to impressive lengths to highlight the scaley mammalian’s flight for survival using a novel mobile-like browser game.

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“On a sunny morning in Ghana, the ingredients for pangolin love are falling into place,” Google explains its Doodle.

“Don’t let its hard outer scales fool you: inside, our friend Pangolin is a big softie, pining over a long-distance romance.”

Laden with warm pinks, rich browns and deep reds, the pangolin game itself is a visual treat.

The pangolin is an endangered and heavily-trafficked mammal, largely thanks to its scaly exterior

You’ll be tasked with navigating your lovestruck friend through the African and Asian landscape, much like Sonic the Hedgehog would, collecting various goodies on a number of stages. Along with the rolling and jumping mechanics of a traditional WASD game, there are also some cute video interludes, showing just what a love-struck pangolin does in its spare time.

This means collecting seeds to bake a love cake, finding inspirational notes underwater, and collecting ribbons for some dancefloor action. All this in a bid to win over your pangolin love’s heart.

While the central idea is that of love and its boundless nature, Google also wants to highlight the endangered animal.

Pangolins range from “vulnerable to critically endangered” according to the WWF. Eight species are found in the wild, and are native to Asia and Africa. According to Google, the mammals are also the most trafficked in the world.

You can give the Doodle game a go here, but be warned: it’s a bit addictive, and oh so adorable.

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