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This Skittles-sorting machine is 2017’s most important invention

candy-sorting machine willem pennings youtube Skittles

As a kid, I’d often spend a few minutes after cracking open a box of candy to sort the colours individually, but thankfully, my children won’t have to go through that turmoil. As luck and technology would have it, the world now has a Skittles-sorting machine of the highest degree, thanks to YouTuber and tinkerer Willem Pennings.

Spotted by TechCrunch, the machine rather efficiently sorts through the various colours of Skittles (or M&Ms), plopping each distinct colour into their own little bowls. No human intervention is required.

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Never will your Skittles or M&Ms be jumbled again, thanks to this invention

According to Pennings’ blog, the machine took “several months” to build. It uses an Arduino, a number of motors, an RGB sensor and additional 3D printed parts. Put them all together and you have the most important kitchen accessory ever conceived. EVER.

Sorry, toaster.

See the sorter in action below, and be sure to read Pennings’ entire project detail here.

Feature image: Willem Pennings via

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