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Twitter’s @TrumpDraws mocks executive orders with toddler doodles

@TrumpDraws Twitter account Donald Trump

We’ve been writing a lot of content about Donald Trump, and who can blame us? The man has become a living, extremely powerful meme at the head of one of the world’s most powerful countries. His presence spans social media — especially on Twitter — but even in his new position of power, some just can’t help but poke fun at him.

A Twitter account, dubbed @TrumpDraws, takes this to an entirely new level.

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The account uses a clip of Trump flaunting a signed executive order to media, instead replacing the orders’ text with drawings seemingly made by a toddler.

@TrumpDraws is just one of the many online tools parodying Donald Trump

The account was only born in January 2017 posting just 15 tweets since, but it already gained over 330 000 followers.

You can see why.

Even though Trump’s apparent artwork pales in comparison to George W. Bush’s masterpieces, this executive order template has become a bit of a meme lately.

Along with @TrumpDraws, Trump executive order generators have also sprung up online, allowing users to create their own versions.

Can you make your own Trump orders?

A tool crafted by software developer and Google employee Isaac Hepworth also replaces the stickmen and mickee mouse with hilarious quips and one-liners.

His tool uses a simple text editor mechanic too, which means that anyone with a keyboard can tweak it and save the image afterwards. Hell, it’s pretty awesome.

These tools and Twitter accounts have seen a rise to prominence in recent weeks, especially in light of Trump’s slew of executive orders.

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