Marvel’s The Defenders’ clever trailer is a video marketing treasure hunt

marvel the defenders teaser

Netflix seems to be loving clue-riddled trailers, and no one is complaining. In the latest teaser for the upcoming Marvel’s The Defenders series, viewers are allowed their first look at Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist together and working as a team.

And this isn’t all Netflix has gifted.

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In the teaser, the gang wait in an elevator before Jessica Jones realises a CCTV camera is watching them. She immediately destroys it. But hidden in the seemingly innocuous teaser are two clues to the new series.

Marvel’s The Defenders’ first trailer is a smart bit of video marketing

The first is a release date. When the camera turns to static, the time stamp halts on 08:18:20:17. That’s right: The Defenders will be coming to your devices 18 August 2017.

The second clue is an IP address in the top left corner: Type it into your browser, and you’re sent off to The fictional news site displays multiple stories that could hint to what’s in store for The Defenders.

The main story on the home page is an interview with the Meachums from Iron Fist. 

In the interview, the siblings get asked if their pharma company Rand is cursed.

“I deal in reality,” Joy responds defensively. “No, we have no concerns whatsover.”

Next to the interview is an advert for Colleen Wing’s dojo. Clicking it takes you to her website, where you can watch her full advert and read testimonials.

On her site, an advert for Rand takes you to Ward Meachum’s fake LinkedIn account.

Back on the New York Bulletin’s home page is a promo for a series on “Heroes of New York.” Included in the promo is a picture of Claire Temple — the doctor who has featured in all four individual series. While we can all agree she deserves the high praise, this insert may hint to the bigger role she plays in The Defenders.

A few of the stories featured on the site include “Crackpot scientist seeks lost city” (K’un-Lun?), “Luke Cage’d”, “Where is the devil in Hell’s Kitchen?” and “Patsy Walker & Mom get permanent house guest.”

Now this is some seriously fun marketing.

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