Those droplets though: Instagram gets artsy as rain falls in Cape Town

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If you hadn’t yet stuck your head out of the window and simply checked any of the numerous social networks, you’d know the exact state of the weather above Cape Town this morning.

Yes, it’s raining. And when it does, it seems that social media users can’t help but don those artist hats and snap off those lens caps.

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To get technical (and depressing) for a moment: Cape Town’s dam levels are still critically low (pdf). Sitting this week at 27.4%, it does mark a 1% improvement over the previous week. But that’s still a lot lower than the levels we saw last year.

Cape Town’s dam levels remain low despite today’s bountiful rains

With that said, it’s no wonder Instagram is celebrating today’s precipitation.

To celebrate as well, we’ve rounded up a few particularly artsy snaps that caught our eye, and feature one common structural element: the humble water droplet.


A post shared by Pauline du Paty (@paulinedupaty) on

Beautiful rainy day #capetown #trees #palm #treesofinstagram #morerain #coffeetime

A post shared by Elaine Stubbs (@elainestubbs) on

Did you snap a picture or two of the weather in Cape Town today? If so, hit us up at @BurnMedia on Instagram, or @Memeburn on Twitter if you’d like it featured.

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