Weekly Round Up Podcast #115: SA drones, new WhatsApp features & more


Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the latest tech trends, innovation and news from the last few days.

This week, Hadlee Simons plays host to Andy Walker and Daniel Mpala.

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Daniel kicks off the agenda discussing the drone startups taking South Africa by storm. Some, like Aerobotics and DroneClouds, help South African farmers, while others like Ranmarine help clean up ports and canals.

Over on Memeburn, Andy talks the latest in WhatsApp news. Facebook’s last bastion in China, the app has been blocked from sending images or video from the app. In more exciting news, though, it seems the app will soon allow users to watch YouTube videos without leaving their chats.

Drones startups take flight, while WhatsApp gets a slap from the Chinese government in this week’s podcast

Finally, Hadlee talks through the offline app “store” in Cuba that allows anyone to create their own repository that runs over a local WiFi network. Anyone within range of the router can download apps and place them in the repository for other Android users to download without using data.

What are we watching, reading, playing: Daniel has been reading The Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. The partly-autobiographical work details the life of a former banker who went to developing countries to gain resources for the US.

Andy is excited to play Splatoon, as he loved the first game (spoiler: it’s similar to Plants vs Zombies). He’s also discovered StoneMountain64 on YouTube, who reenacts live war situations in games like Battlefield.

Hadlee is currently reviewing the 2017 MacBook Pro, which he says has a beautiful screen and a strong battery. He’s still playing Fire Pro Wrestling World and War Thunder.

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