Charlottesville: Twitter slams Trump’s response, lauds Obama and Clinton’s

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It has been a landmark weekend for the United States. On Saturday at a “Unite the White” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, a car ploughed into a group of counterprotestors, killing one woman and injuring at least 34 people.

A slew of messages, views and comments flooded social media regarding the white supremacist rally itself and the aforementioned incident.

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The most notable of these messages stemmed from three particularly powerful political figures: former US President Barack Obama, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current US President Donald Trump.

The latter led with this tweet: “What is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives.”

He continued: “We must remember this truth: No matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are ALL AMERICANS FIRST.”

The above tweets, in which Trump failed to acknowledge the white supremacist rally, accrued a combined 208 000 likes and 45 000 retweets to date.

Other users noted Trump’s tepid stance on the rally.

Barack Obama then published a trio of tweets, quoting late South African President Nelson Mandela.

The initial tweet alone has garnered over 2.2-million likes and 915 000 retweets. In total, all three tweets accrued over four million likes and 1.5-million retweets.

As for the replies?

“My heart is in Charlottesville today, and with everyone made to feel unsafe in their country,” tweeted Hillary Clinton, beginning a longer thread.

“Now is the time for leaders to be strong in their words & deliberate in their actions,” Clinton added.

Feature image: Michael Vadon via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0, resized)

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