Here’s what the web thought of the 2017 Emmy Awards

Every year, Hollywood’s television bigwigs get together in one room to praise each other and themselves at the Emmy Awards.

This year’s ceremony, hosted by Stephen Colbert, was rife with political commentary and Hollywood’s favourite brand of self-congratulations. But not everyone could stomach the show — so here’s a roundup of the response to what went down Sunday night.

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The Handmaid’s Tale won five awards

Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale pulled in the most of awards of the evening: Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Elisabeth Moss), Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Ann Dowd), Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.

Some critics have found these wins unfair: The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage wrote that it was “thrust into the moment by the nature of the current US administration” and was “far from perfect”. A vote for it, he implied, was a vote against US President Donald Trump and not a vote for outstanding television — though he did specify that Ann Dowd’s win was well-deserved.

The Telegraph’s Rebecca Hawkes praised Elisabeth Moss’s “expressive brilliance”, and Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva reminded that the show’s sweep “was a big validation for the streaming services and a disturbance in the pecking order among the three main VOD players, with the once-distant third outpacing rivals Netflix and Amazon to score first the coveted best series Emmy”.

Big Little Lies won four awards

HBO’s miniseries Big Little Lies took home silver with four awards Sunday night. These were: Outstanding Limited Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series (Nicole Kidman), Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series (Laura Dern), and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series (Alexander Skarsgard).

Despite the wins, actress Shailene Woodley took up much of the news after revealing that she doesn’t own a TV.

It seems many understood her remarks as condescending to those who watch TV, despite profiting off these very people.

Vanity Fair‘s Joanna Robinson wrote that Kidman’s win came down to a mixture of right time, right place and a “graceful and harrowing portrayal of a victim of domestic abuse” — and many are suggesting that the win could signal a second season.

Sean Spicer showed up to mock Donald Trump

Sean Spicer made a cameo to make fun of the lies he spewed when acting as US President Donald Trump’s White House Communications Director.

Vulture called his appearance a low. “For months, Sean Spicer’s job – a job he chose willingly – was to stand up in front of the American people and lie,” it wrote. Those on Twitter agreed.

“I’m not ready to laugh ‘with’ Sean Spicer,” wrote actor Zach Braff.

SNL soaked up some wins

Speaking of Trump’s administration, another entertainment entity known for blurring the lines between politics and entertainment was congratulated last night. Saturday Night Live won two awards last night for acting in a comedy series (Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon), and won Best Variety Series earlier in the week.

Twitter wasn’t too pleased about the win — largely due to the show letting Trump host during the primary elections, thus empowering him before profiting off his win.

Last night’s complete winner’s list can be found here, and the full 2017 list can be found here.

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