5 things I’d like to see in the Bob’s Burgers movie

The beloved cartoon Bob’s Burgers is getting a movie in 2020 and it should prove as ridiculous as the eight-season-long show.

It’s too early to get an idea of the film’s plot yet, but creator Loren Bouchard said: “We know the movie has to scratch every itch the fans of the show have ever had, but it also has to work for all the good people who’ve never seen the show.”

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He’s right, but it got me thinking: what are the itches I want scratched with this movie?

So I made a list.

A musical number

There is nothing more quintessential Bob’s Burgers than a well-written, poorly-performed musical number that refuses to leave your brain hours after the show has ended.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks this: Loren Bouchard has confirmed that the film will be a full-on musical, because, well, it “has to be”.

Great minds think alike, Bouchard.

A McGuffin adventure

One of my all-time favourite Bob’s Burgers episodes is season two’s premiere — The Belchies — when the kids head down to a taffy factory to seek out treasure. The episode features most of the major characters as they stumble into the dark, risk their lives, crack some of the best jokes of the show, and prove how much they love one another.

A McGuffin adventure (in which the plot is ignited by the desire to acquire an object) is a fun way to offer this to them: it gives the characters reason to work together, to move through ridiculous settings, and to experience emotional breakthroughs.

It’s also a simple enough way to entice viewers not familiar with the show, as the plot wouldn’t rely heavily on established character dynamics.

A confirmation of Zeke’s crush on Jimmy Jr

One of the things that makes Bob’s so special is its characters’ openness to anything they throw at one another. The Belchers laugh at one another’s dumb jokes, and they embrace every flawed personality trait with no hesitation. They are experts in taking life in stride.

But though they exhibit this acceptance, the show has never confirmed any non-straight sexual orientation of its major characters. It seems that Bob’s, for now, is satisfied with not-so-subtle hints — but the movie has a chance to do more, and it could start with Zeke.

Zeke is the show’s macho figure. He’s a boisterously immature athlete who loves fart jokes — and probably his best friend Jimmy Jr, with whom he finds any excuse to wrestle. A canon confirmation of Zeke’s crush would be a beautiful addition to the film, and a step forward for a show so deft at displaying tolerance.

A deeper dive into the relationship of Louise and Logan

Louise and Logan are arch-nemeses — but mostly because they’re very similar characters. And what better way to prove this to them than with a good old fashioned reluctant partnership?

Imagine the one-liners, the moment they realise they’re a good team. Imagine their song.

The pairing has always made for memorable episodes, and there’s no reason to exclude the relationship from the glory of the big screen.

An explanation for Louise’s ears

If there’s one part of the show that has always intrigued me, it’s Louise’s bunny ears.

There are a few fan theories around why the nine-year-old wears them constantly, ranging from the practical (she has a bald spot like Bob) to the philosophical (she’s a representation of an unhinged ego), but none of them really feel right.

Bouchard has said that the ears provide the audience with a “cognitive dissonance where you experience [Louise] both as a little girl and Bugs Bunny at the same time”.

I may seem simple for wanting some hard facts rather than understanding her ears at a more abstract level, but damn if my brain doesn’t love a good solved mystery. Give it to me, 2020.

Disagree with me? Let me know what you want out of the Bob’s Burgers movie in the comments below.

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