Die With Me: a chat app for people with 5% battery life

die with me

We’ve seen traditional messaging apps, ephemeral messaging tools (i.e. Snapchat) and even pointless messaging apps (Yo). Now, we can add another messaging app in the form of Die With Me.

Spotted on r/Android, Die With Me requires users to have less than five percent battery life remaining on their smartphones. Try using it with 75% juice and you simple can’t access the app.

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“Die together in a chatroom on your way to offline peace,” reads the tagline on the Play Store listing.

The app reception has been positive too, achieving a 4.5 star user average on Google’s platform and 4.6 star average on the App Store. However, users have urged the developer to implement notifications when users die.

Now… how long until we see a Tinder-style dating app in this vein? Speaking of Tinder, Die With Me creator Dries Depoorter is no stranger to the dating app, having created a project that compares Tinder profile photos to the same person’s LinkedIn photos.

Anyway, the app costs R16 on the Google Play Store and R7 on the Apple App Store.

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