Spotify’s testing a voice-command and search system

spotify south africa screenshot

Spotify is reportedly testing a voice-command and search system for those who prefer talking to their devices.

Just a small subset of users have received the update, the company told TechCrunch, but it has massive implications.

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For users, it means telling the streaming service to “Play my Daily Mix 1” or “Show Drake”. The service will then oblige, by either selecting and playing said playlist, or producing the artist page for Drake.

(It won’t however show him playing Fornite, you’ll need another app for that.)

For Spotify, this lends further credence to the company’s audio assistant ambitions. While the limitations of a screen can be cumbersome to those not holding their devices, driving a car or sitting on the other end of a room, voice largely transcends these boundaries.

Additionally, smart speakers and in-car entertainment are seemingly the two largely uncharted potential growth streams for streaming companies.

While Apple and Google are experimenting in both the automotive and smart home spaces, Spotify hasn’t yet taken the plunge.

The company this week launched in four additional markets, including South Africa, all with relatively large mobile device pools.

But honing a voice-command system could go a long way for the company if it wishes to become more than just a streaming service confined to a pocket or desktop screen.

Feature image: Spotify

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