WiFi network called ‘remote detonator’ prompts evacuation of US gym

wifi network remote detonator misha feshchak unsplash

We’ve seen some dope WiFi network names in recent years, and thinking of something novel is the best part of setting up a router. “IP When I Sneeze” and “Pretty Fly for a WiFi” and the evergreen “FBI Surveillance Van” come to mind.

But “Remote Detonator” is perhaps pushing it too far, at least it was for some gym goers in the US this weekend.

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According to local news outlet MLive, a network named “remote detonator” was found by a user of a local gym in Michigan.

The user, likely freaked out ever so slightly, subsequently alerted the manager. The equally freakout out manager then called for the evacuation of the gym and alerted police. Sniffer dogs were brought in, but nothing malicious was found.

According to police there was no crime committed either, and no one was prosecuted.

“Everything is perfectly legal from a police standpoint. There was no crime or threat. No call saying there was a bomb,” Chief Donald Pussehl told MLive.

The real crime here is not using “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo WiFi” to be honest.

However consider this a cautionary tale: you might want to double check your WiFi network name before boarding a plane, or walking into a police office, or especially when visiting your local gym.

Feature image: Micha Feshchak via Unsplash

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