5 interesting Google Search blips after the World Cup semi-finals

world cup croatia google search Stefan Steinbauer unsplash

So… my World Cup predictions are out the window. France will play Croatia in the final after the teams beat Belgium and England respectively.

The latter was quite the cracker, with Croatia scoring just a few minutes into the second half of extra time. England simply had no reply.

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But what the win also gave Croatia is the largest search spike on Google than any of the other semi-final teams this past week.

We look at this, and more search anomalies, in the below piece.

Croatia sees biggest search spike after England triumph

Within the week of the semi-finals, Croatia saw the largest global search traffic spike among the remaining teams in the tournament after beating England 2-1. Interestingly, searches for the Belgium national football team peaked higher than the French even after losing 1-0 on 10 July.

Kylian Mbappe’s goal prompted the biggest search traffic spike

The forward’s strike against Belgium earned him the largest search traffic spike among the semi-final goal scorers. Notably, England scorer Kieran Trippier saw the largest search traffic spike among the scorers of the England vs Croatia match. His free kick was pretty special.

The UK was more interested in Kylian Mbappe this week than any Croatian player

Apart from Kieran Trippier, a search spike for Kylian Mbappe was the largest seen during the semi-final week for any of the semi-final goal scorers within the UK. Most of that interest stemmed from Scotland, Google Trends reveals.

Jordan Pickford was the most searched goalkeeper during the semi-finals

Looking at global search trends, England’s Jordan Pickford was the most Googled goalkeeper during the semi-final week, this despite Danijel Subasic’s heroics earlier in the tournament.

Brazil still can’t believe Brazil’s been knocked out

And finally, we end with a sad reminder.

According to global search data taken within the past 24 hours, searches for the Brazilian football team are among the highest when compared to other World Cup favourites. Namely these include Argentina, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

The UK and Italy seemingly still can’t believe that Germany’s out of the tournament, while Russia and Kazakhstan are wondering where Spain is.

Feature image: Stefan Steinbauer via Unsplash

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