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Instagram launches its shopping experience, but it’s not what we first thought

instagram shopping channel

Instagram has introduced a new online shopping experience to consumers, but it’s not the standalone app we expected.

Instead, you can shop inside Instagram Stories and from a new Shopping channel in your explore feed.

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“We began testing Shopping in Stories in June, and today we’re rolling it out globally and expanding it to businesses in 46 countries,” the company said on its blog.

So now, when viewing Stories posted by brands and stores, you can click on shop-linking stickers to see more about the products.

“Topic channels, which launched in June, allow you to browse across your interests and go deeper on any area you like in Explore,” the platform explained.

Now, on the Explore page, you’ll find a Shopping channel among the other channels, like Humour and Animals at the top of the screen.

The company believes that “shopping is an entertaining way to get inspired and connect with new and interesting brands”.

With so many options for Shopping inside the main app, could Instagram still be designing a standalone app? I guess time, and click through rates, will tell.

Feature image: Instagram

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