Instagram Stories’ Close Friends lists are now live

You can now share you Instagram Stories with a specific list of friends and followers.

“Starting today, you can make a Close Friends list on Stories and share with just the people you’ve added,” Instagram revealed on its blog.

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This means that you can now further choose who will see your Story updates, specifically more personal ones.

“Sometimes what you want to share isn’t for everyone,” Instagram notes. “With Close Friends, you have the flexibility to share more personal moments with a smaller group that you choose.”

You can add contacts to this new list by going to the Close Friends tab in your menu, then you can choose to share to this list when updating your Story.

Insta notes that list members cannot see one another, but users will know if they are part of your Close Friends list.

“If someone has added you to their list, you will see a green badge when you’re viewing their stories. You’ll also see a green ring around their profile photo in the Stories tray,” it adds.

The feature is available globally for Android and iOS.

Feature image: Instagram

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