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Google launches two new security updates for Safer Internet Day

Google has revealed two new updates to its security features on Safer Internet Day.

“We’re always working to make sure your data is protected, whether you’re using Google products or checking out your favorite websites and apps,” the company said on its blog.

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Password Checkup

Password Checkup is a Chrome extension that can detect if your password information has been compromised.

“If we detect that a username and password on a site you use is one of over four billion credentials that we know have been compromised, the extension will trigger an automatic warning and suggest that you change your password,” Google explains.

According to Google, the extension also prevents the company itself from accessing your information.

On its Security Blog, Google outlines that your password information still remains anonymous with Password Checkup.

Essentially, the extension works by sending encrypted information for Google to cross check without revealing your passwords.

Cross Account Protection

This security feature helps protect you in third-party apps that you’ve singed into using your Google account.

“When apps and sites have implemented it, we’re able to send information about security events,” Google explains.

This means that Google will inform third-party apps when it detects that your information might have been compromised.

Once again, the company claims it does not share your personal account details.

“We only share basic information about the event, like whether your account was hijacked, or if we forced you to log back in because of suspicious activity,” the company concluded.

Feature image: Google

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