Apple launches a Netflix rival, news subscription service and a credit card

Apple on Monday debuted a number of new subscription-based services, including Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Card.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a video streaming service that will feature “original stories from the most creative minds in TV and film”.

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The platform will play host to exclusive series and movies written and produced specifically for Apple.

In a trailer teasing the upcoming content, the company showed of a wide variety of styles ranging from period dramas to documentaries.

The service, which will be accessible through the current Apple TV app, is set to launch in the later half of 2019.

Apple has not revealed how much the service will cost.

Apple News+

News+ is also Apple’s new subscription service for news and media, accessible through the Apple News app.

“Dive into your own personal newsstand, with full access to hundreds of magazines and leading newspapers,” the company said.

Users are able to download various newspapers and magazines, as well as view older editions from a number of publications.

The service is already up and running, with a monthly fee of $9.99 after a one month free trial.

Apple Card

Apple Card is part of the Wallet app on iOS, and is meant to be a more secure option for making payments through Apple Pay.

“Apple Card doesn’t have any fees. No annual, cash‑advance, over-the-limit, or late fees. No fees,” the company claims.

The titanium card itself does not feature any of the traditional elements of conventional bank cards, there’s almost no information on it besides a name and a chip.

Meanwhile, the logistics of Apple Card exist within the app, where it stores all your information, along with transactions and interest rates.

“For apps and websites, there’s a virtual card number in the Wallet app. It autofills for you when you’re using Safari,” the company explains.

The service is expected to launch in mid 2019.

Apple also launched a gaming subscription service called Apple Arcade, more details of this service is available on Gearburn.

Feature image: Apple

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