From Twitter to Reddit: how and where to follow Tropical Cyclone Idai online

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Intense Tropical Cyclone Idai is now just a few hours away from slamming into the eastern coastline of Mozambique.

While we’ve been covering the storm with daily updates over here, we’re not meteorologists, nor are we on the ground in Mozambique. But we know some people who are.

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Thanks to modern technology and social media, you can track the developing story that is Cyclone Idai through the various sources below.

On Twitter

We’ve found two Twitter users who are located in Mozambique tweeting about the conditions, namely Duarte Gouveia and Ben VW.

Bloemfontein-based StormReportSA is also publishing videos and images from its “correspondents” living in Mozambique.

South African eNCA journalist Dasen Thathiah is covering the story from the ground alongside the South African rescue teams on their way to Mozambique.

Additionally, Marc Nosbach, Mozambique’s director of CARE International, has also been regularly tweeting about the storm.

A list of other excellent Twitter sources can be found here.

On Facebook

Kobus Botha Weather is known for publishing detailed satellite and computer models of Southern Africa’s weather systems. There’s a key focus on Idai on its Facebook page at present.

Additionally, the beach lodge of Cashew Bay is located just south of where Idai is expected to make landfall.

On Instagram

Jen Croder is an Instagram user currently in Mozambique.

Additionally, Justin Jahme, a fisherman from Zimbabwe living in the east African country is also documenting the storm from Beira.

Currently, users are geotagging their photographs and videos around Beira, Mozambique.

Additionally, the hashtag #idai also features some footage of the incoming cyclone.

On Reddit

As for subreddits, r/TropicalWeather is the place to follow warm core storms across the globe.

The current sticky post is focused on details related to Cyclone Idai, with imagery listed from a number of international sources.

Idai (18S – Mozambique Channel) from r/TropicalWeather

On other global sources

This is a growing list, so ensure you bookmark this page and check back in for updates.

Feature image: screenshot, Ventusky

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