Huawei now banned from trading with US-based companies

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From Friday, Huawei will no longer be able to buy parts or components for its devices from the United States.

The federal blacklist announced by the Trump administration forbids the Chinese tech giant and 67 of its affiliates and subsidiaries from trading with US firms.

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According to Reuters, US officials are aware that the ban “would also make it difficult if not impossible” to retail some of its products. Notably, the ban will influence Huawei’s access to semiconductors and chips from the likes of Qualcomm and Intel.

The move comes after an escalating trade war resulted in new tariffs slapped on Chinese goods entering the US. Huawei is also under fire from the US government which believes served Iran — currently on a US sanctions list — as well as fraud and technology theft.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Huawei believes that the ban will only serve to hurt US companies trading with it — one of the largest smartphone makers and telecom tech providers in the world.

Feature image: Huawei

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