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Spotify adds a sleep timer for some users on Android [Update: it’s coming to SA too]

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Well, well, well. If you ever wanted to use your Discover Weekly as a sleep-time playlist but didn’t want your phone playing music all night long, Spotify has finally some hope. Or a useful feature.

According to users on Reddit, the music app now features a sleep timer, which lets users set a predetermined time before a track or playlist comes to an automatic stop.

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Users will be able to tap on a track’s three-dot menu button, select “sleep timer” and set their preferred playback time. Current ranges include values between five and 60 minutes, perfect for podcasts or longer playlists.

It seems to be live for users in the northern hemisphere (according to Android Police and Android Authority), but our app (version for Android Pie) in South Africa is still without the feature.

“The sleep timer is a cherished feature for Podcasts on Spotify. Now, we’re making it available for music too and it’s currently rolling out to all users on Android,” Spotify South Africa told Memeburn, so you can look forward to the feature in the foreseeable future.

Added comment from Spotify in the final paragraph.

Feature image: The Spotify logo, by Andy Walker/Memeburn

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