Telkom nearly doubled its active mobile users in 2018

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Telkom has had quite the stellar 2018. The South African telecoms firm on Monday announced its earnings for the fiscal year, underlined by green arrows beneath many key indicators (well, maybe not fixed line and ADSL.)

Its increase in mobile mobile subscribers is perhaps the most impressive.

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The firm’s active subscribers grew 85.9%, adding 4.5-million subscribers. 9.7-million people are now using Telkom’s mobile network in South Africa. This pushed its mobile services revenue up by 58.3% year-over-year.

Telkom now has 9.7-million active mobile subscribers on its network, an increase of 85.9% year-over-year

“Over the past six years, the contribution of our growth pillars grew significantly with mobile revenue contribution increasing from 3.2% to 25.7%, while information technology revenue grew from 0.9% to 16.2%. We continue to invest in the fibre ecosystem which is sustaining our fixed data revenue,” the company added in the statement.

In terms of overall growth “group operating revenue increased by 5.3% to R41.8-billion,” Telkom noted.

“EBITDA increased by 8.5% to R11.3 billion, which can be attributed to our ongoing sustainable cost management. The group EBITDA growth is faster than the revenue growth of 5.3%. The EBITDA margin expanded by 0.8% to 27.1%. Telkom remains focused on operational efficiencies to preserve margins while revenues evolve, and we manage the impact of inflation on expenses,” it concluded.

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