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YouTube’s changing how subscriber counts appear on channels


YouTube on Wednesday revealed that it will be changing the way channel subscriber counts appear on the platform.

“To create more consistency everywhere that we publicly display subscriber counts, starting in August 2019, we’ll begin showing the abbreviated subscriber number across all public YouTube surfaces,” the company said on its Help blog.

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This means that you will now see a rounded off abbreviation for the amount of subscribers channels have, provided that they have more than 1000 people subscribed.

Channels with a following less than 1000 will still display the exact subscriber number.

“If a channel has 51 389 232 the public subscriber count will read ’51M’ until the channel reaches 52 000 000,” the company explained further.

This will make publicly tracking channels as they fluctuate in popularity a little less easy and possibly reduce some of the drama surrounding YouTube stars.

“Creators will still be able to see their exact number of subscribers in YouTube Studio,” YouTube noted.

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