Man and his donkey singing The Lion King’s opening theme goes viral on Facebook

donkey lion king facebook

There have been plenty (and we mean plenty) of viral videos and memes inspired by The Lion King, even before the CG remake made its bow two weeks ago. But the latest viral video making on waves on Facebook is getting love for one particular reason: it involves a singing donkey.

US Facebook user and apparent part-time singer Travis Kinley last Thursday uploaded a video of himself and his donkey Nathan singing The Lion King‘s opening theme. The video was spotted by TimesLive on Wednesday.

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What makes the clip funnier is Kinley’s horse, who he clearly wanted to join in, just stood there with resting horse face. The donkey, however, was there for it.

In little less than a week, the video racked up more than three million views on Facebook, with just under 64 000 shares to boot.

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Of course, the video itself was helped by The Lion King reboot’s worldwide success, already raking in just under a billion dollars. It’s now the 42nd biggest movie in history too.

In South Africa, the flick’s scored more than R40-million at the local box office, spending its second week at the top of the charts, according to data from Filmfinity.

Perhaps it would’ve done even better, however, if Jon Favreau’s only real shot in the movie included this singing donkey instead?

H/T: TimesLive

Feature image: screenshot, Travis Kinley via Facebook

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