South Africans can’t find jobs, turn to memes on Twitter instead

graduate jobs south africa

Introducing the bleakest trending hashtag we’ve seen in South Africa for a good while.

#ToGetAJobInSA began trending across the country’s Twitter timelines on Monday evening, highlighting just how difficult it is to find employment in South Africa, even as graduates. Participants aren’t talking about the unemployment rate though, but rather highlighting the ridiculous demands placed on first-time job seekers.

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It’s not clear who exactly used the hashtag initially, nor how it sparked into life on a cold Monday evening, but hidden behind the responses of memes and GIFs lies a real issue in South Africa.

Nevertheless, others really just contibuted for the memes, tbh.

Some offered advice.

Advice that I’m sure some in government would love

Beyond the jest, this is a dire discussion, especially considering South Africa’s youth unemployment rate. Statistics South Africa in May revealed that 55.2% of South African graduates aged between 15 and 24 were unemployed. And this number’s increasing.

Feature image: Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz via Unsplash

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