Android 10 was supposed to be called ‘Queen Cake’

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Queen Cake: that’s what Google’s Android 10 operating system would’ve been called had it retained its dessert nomenclature.

Google announced that Android 10 would simply be called Android 10, breaking a long-held tradition of naming its operating system versions after sweet treats.

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The previous version was Pie, the version before that, Oreo, and so on. So this upcoming version of Android was set to be named after a “Q” dessert.

During an episode of the podcast All About Android spotted by 9to5Google, the OS’s VP of engineering David Burke revealed that it would’ve been called Queen Cake.

Queen cakes are about the size of muffins that became popular in the 18th century. They’re damn tasty too, and great with some Earl Grey.

(That’s brings us to the end of Memeburn’s snack tips.)

Google’s David Burke revealed that ‘Queen Cake’ and ‘Quince Tart’ were the two tasty names for Android 10

Internally, the OS version was known as Quince Tart, which follows Google’s complicated convention of using multi-level codenames.

(Also, I’ve never had a quince tart so can’t comment on its pros.)

The company decided to ditch its dessert naming scheme in favour of a simpler, number-based approach. It found that users often couldn’t tell the difference between one dessert name to the other.

That said, we’re sure many die-hard fans will still refer to Android 10 by its codename.

But hey, at least for us editors and readers, writing and reading about Android will no longer make us hungry.

Feature image: Queen cakes by James Petts via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0, cropped)

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