South Africa has a laugh with #BokoHaramChallenge on Twitter


Amidst the tension brewing between South Africa and Nigeria following looting and attacks against foreign nationals in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africans took to Twitter On Wednesday to let off some steam.

The #BokoHaramChallenge began trending after rumours surfaced that the infamous Boko Haram terrorist group would strike South Africa in revenge.

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South Africans found the threat incredibly funny and opted to mock the idea that terrorists are on their way.

Of course, the thought of terrorism is quite serious, but after the week South Africans have had following rising gender-based violence concerns and subsequent protests, many welcomed the chance to have a little laugh.

One Twitter user, however, did ask an important question.

“On a serious note, what happens when the Boko Haram sees this?? Do we have a plan B?” read the tweet.

Meanwhile, the South African Government posted a short clip promoting peace and harmony for South Africans and Africa as a whole.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, who had earlier this week spoke to the nation informally on Twitter, is set to address the country on “gender-based violence & femicide and incidents of public violence” later this evening.

Feature image: screenshot, @CredoChaka via Twitter

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