Facebook updates location settings for Android 10 and iOS 13

Facebook location settings

Following last week’s release of Android 10 and the upcoming launch of iOS 13, Facebook on Monday announced new updates coming to its location settings on both operating systems.

According to the company, both Android and iOS 13 feature tools that will show users which apps have access to their location and, with iOS 13 particularly, how often apps have used the information.

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This means that users will now have further control over apps like Facebook, and will be able to see when the platform has accessed their location.

To accommodate these new settings, Facebook will “respect your most restrictive settings” and phase out its “background location” settings on Android 10.

The move will prevent clashes between on-device location settings for apps and Facebook’s own location tools, which can still track you in the background even if your location is off.

On iOS, users will have an “allow once” option for apps to collect location data, they will also receive notifications about apps that use location information in the background.

For Facebook, this means iOS 13 users can give the platform one-time access to location data and will be able to keep track of when the app is using the information in the background.

“Facebook is better with location. It powers features like check-ins and makes planning events easier. It helps improve ads and keep you and the Facebook community safe,” the company did, however, note.

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