Uber Eats Cravings Report: South Africans want chakalaka pizzas

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Uber Eats last week revealed its Cravings Report detailing what South Africans love, and hate, when it comes to ordering in.

The report breaks down the most common notes and requests left by customers around the country, including the food they prefer and the items they would rather not see upon delivery.

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Uber noted that many South Africans love local food. In fact, over 1000 orders opted for pap over rice or potatoes, and some even swapped their sauce for chakalaka and achaar.

“Unorthodox but truly South African, is that some orders request that a tomato base be replaced with a chakalaka base on pizzas,” the company said in a press release.

Tomato, it transpired, was the most hated ingredient of them all, with over 200 000 orders asking that the fruit be excluded from meals.

South Africans also rejected lettuce, sauce, onions and mayonnaise. The latter was, sadly, voted “least favourite” condiment.

Uber Eats’ report also found that locals were both emotional and kind when it came to food this year. During stressful periods, such as exams or big sporting events, the company saw increased use of the app.

As for kindness, at least 200 South Africans welcomed Uber’s “delivery partners” into their homes by leaving notes saying that their dogs don’t bite.

“Many requests were received asking the restaurant to give parts of their order like chips, coffee and rolls to the delivery-partner when the order is picked up, so that they may enjoy it while still warm,” the company also noted.

According to Uber, which earlier this year launched Eats in Paarl and Soweto, the report is still being “unravelled” for more insight on South Africa’s eating habits.

Feature image: Uber Eats

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