Uber plants a push into financial services through ‘Uber Money’

Uber Money

Uber on Monday revealed a new team within its company called Uber Money that’s dedicated to providing “financial products and technologies” to its users.

The service is made up of several new features that help Drivers manage their earnings, including updates to the Uber Debit Account and Debit Card.

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According to Uber, the US-based Debit Account will now be integrated into the Uber Driver app so that drivers have better access to their money.

“We also want to make every dollar earned on Uber go further, which is why the refreshed Uber Debit Card will launch with cashback on gas starting at 3% and up to 6% for the highest tier of Uber Pro drivers,” the company explained on its website.

Additionally, drivers will be able to receive their earning in real-time on their Debit Account rather than weekly, allowing them to have instant access to their earnings.

The Uber Driver app will also include Uber Wallet as well, giving users a platform to track money, transfers and new Uber Money products.

In addition to the Driver app, Uber Wallet will also roll out to Uber and Uber Eats too.

“We are also relaunching the Uber Credit Card, our flagship consumer product,” Uber revealed further.

Those who use the credit card will enjoy 5% cashback for “spending across the Uber platform”.

Uber Money’s new features are currently rolling out in the United States.

Feature image: screenshot, Uber via YouTube

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