Uber Works is a new app that connects job seekers with employers

Uber Works

Uber on Wednesday announced the launch of a new app that gives job seekers and employers a platform to connect. Called Uber Works, the app provides people looking for work with information about available shifts near them.

The app also works as a “one-stop-shop”, with features that help users keep track of their payments and work log.

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Currently, Uber Works is exclusive to Chicago, where the company has partnered with employment agencies to help manage the needs of users.

“Uber Works is also committed to deliver services that support skill up-levelling and promote work re-entry and we are partnering with various organizations that support workers in their employment journey,” the company further revealed.

Uber believes that Works will benefit both employers and works by “providing a reliable pool of vetted and qualified workers” as well.

This means that, beyond acting as a job portal and management tool, the app will also serve as a CV for individuals.

Businesses and workers in Chicago can sign up for the service on the platform’s website.

While the service could be an interesting solution to South Africa’s increasing unemployment rate, Uber has not mentioned any plans to expand the app beyond Chicago just yet.

Feature image: screenshot, Uber

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