When in Cape Town: download these 10+ essential apps for Android and iOS

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Welcome to Cape Town! It’s the city Memeburn calls home, and a city that’s a budding tech jewel in South Africa’s crown.

Although we have penguins, mountains, natural beauty, a rich history and a legacy of overcoming the toughest of obstacles, we also quite like our apps.

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If you like pen and paper, you do you, but the city’s a lot easier to navigate and enjoy using a few digital creature comforts.

To that extent, here are a few must-download apps for tourists, both from South Africa or the rest of the world, exploring Cape Town.


Recently launched, the MyCiTi app is essential if you’re staying in central Cape Town and plan to commute using the bus. The app displays arrival and departure times, estimated travel times, and the ability to view your MyCiTi card’s balance.

Download it for Android and iOS.


South Africa is a water-scarce country, but it’s also been electricity-scarce in recent years. This app keeps you up to date with load shedding schedules. If Eskom is about to switch off the power, this app will let you know.

Download it for Android and iOS.

Official Guide to Cape Town

Published by Cape Town Tourism, this app replaces the need for its paper guidebook. Users can search for places or interest, look at local maps, and get a good sense of the city’s must-visit locations.

Download it for Android and iOS.


Parking is probably the more challenging things to do in Cape Town, but this app goes a long way to making this process less stressful. It highlights open parking spaces across the city.

Download it for Android and iOS.

Trusted Contacts

Useful globally, Google’s Trusted Contact allows you to keep track of your loved one’s live location. It’s fairly accurate, and also allows you to leave messages for family and friends to view.

Download it for Android and iOS.


It goes without saying, really. Uber has become an essential app for many a city across the globe, and it’s especially important for getting around Cape Town.

Download it for Android and iOS.

Google Maps

You’ll probably have Google Maps installed on your phone, but remember to download offline maps of Cape Town too. The app’s also great for finding restaurants and places of interest across the city.

Download it for Android and iOS.


Snapscan has become a prime way of paying for items at markets across the city. Although we still recommend carrying cash and card, the app is slick and easier than shuffling through a wallet.

Download it for Android and iOS.


The South African Weather Service’s WeatherSmart app is an essential download alongside your everyday weather app. It highlights and tracks storm activity across the country.

Download it for Android and iOS.


Take guided tours of the city’s biggest attractions with this app. It syncs with your current location, making these guided walks almost as interactive as having a physical guide.

Download it for Android and iOS.


Another recently launched app, MySAPS gives users essential information on your closest police station, and lets users report incidents. Although, you’ll still have to physically visit a police station to lay a claim, this app at least brings you closer to law enforcement should you need it.

Download it for Android.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

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