Spotify Premium Family launches in South Africa for up to six users

Spotify Lite

Nearly two years after its official launch in South Africa, Spotify is finally offering users a Premium Family plan.

Previously all members of your family would’ve required separate Premium accounts, which gives users unlimited skips and downloads. The Family plan essentially bundles six of these accounts into one payment.

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“With Premium Family, all family members get uninterrupted access to over 50-million tracks and over  one million podcast titles through their own individual Spotify Premium account,” the company said in a press release.

Spotify Premium Family also includes a “Family Mix” combo playlist, and a “Family Hub” which allows for a central management of payments, addresses and parental controls.

As for the price, Spotify’s setting the bundle at R99.99. A single Premium account is R59.99.

If six accounts are too many to justify the price bump, there’s no word as yet if Spotify will offer the Duo tier in South Africa, which allows two users access to Premium accounts under one payment plan.

Users can sign up for the Family Premium service here.

Feature image: Spotify

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