COVID-19 in South Africa: #Covid19isGettingCloser trends as cases rise


As COVID-19 cases in South Africa surge past the 110 000 mark, locals have taken to Twitter to share their concerns and experiences under #Covid19isGettingCloser.

The hashtag started trending on 25 June as the previous day’s report on total cases included over 5 688 new cases (for a total of 111 796). Meanwhile, deaths rose by 103 to 2205.

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The Western Cape remains the hotspot for COVID-19 cases in South Africa. But other provinces have seen significant spikes in new cases — especially the country’s economic hub Gauteng.

Local Twitter users shared their experiences with the disease caused by the coronavirus outbreak. They also questioned complacency around the pandemic.

Meanwhile, others called for increased lockdown restrictions to be reintroduced.

You can see some of the reactions and tweets below:

Users also urged people to stay home and stay safe.

As South Africa approaches its peak in coronavirus infections, it remains important to steer clear of fake news and scams surrounding the pandemic.

Wits launched a COVID-19 dashboard for South Africa to help the public keep track of case numbers and deaths.

Security experts have also warned of malware that takes advantage of pandemic fears and concerns.

You can also get information on COVID-19 and local cases from the government coronavirus website.

Feature image: Photo Mix via Pixabay

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