Lockdown app helps simplify regulations for South Africans

lockdown bozza regulations app south africa

When it comes to South Africa’s coronavirus lockdown regulations and levels, a common frustration from residents is uncertainty and confusion around just what will and won’t be allowed.

With cases increasing, it’s likely that certain hotspots will stay on higher lockdown levels. Meanwhile, smaller regions with fewer cases will likely ease their lockdown regulations.

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Luckily, the Lockdown Bozza app provides a user-friendly, visual tool that helps you make sense of the regulations at a glance.

The web app lets you select your province and municipality to see the current lockdown level. It colour-codes industries and activities to summarise what’s permitted, what’s restricted, and what’s not permitted.

For example, under Level 3 in the City of Cape Town, the regulations allow laundry services to operate. However, the regulations restrict eating out (takeout and deliveries only, no sit-downs), and don’t permit the sale of tobacco.

By swiping on the web app, you can also see a summary of South Africa’s COVID-19 cases by region.

The app gets its information from government or industry associations. Meanwhile, its case numbers come from corona-stats.mobi, which relies on official government data. It also provides an essential supply ordering service for small businesses.

A major benefit of using Lockdown Bozza is that you don’t have to download it. With so much COVID-19-related malware, consumers need to be cautious with the tools and files they download.

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