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Mistakes happen all the time, even when it comes to expensive items like your smartphone. Even those people who are usually careful with keeping their prized possessions safe can fall victim to loss, theft or damage. It happens to the best of us.

You could mistakenly delete photos or videos off your smartphone, get pickpocketed at the grocery store, or even drop and shatter your device beyond repair.

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This is why you need a Plan B and, when it comes to your valuable data, cloud storage is the best backup plan there is.

No matter what happens to your device, with Huawei Mobile Cloud you are at least able to recover all your important information, even if your phone, tablet or laptop is history.

Think of the cloud as a kind of insurance for all the important information on your device which you hold dear.

Unless you back up your data to the cloud, that trip to Paris you vlogged, but had not yet shared to your audience may as well never have happened in the first place.

Those notes you took at an important, all-day video conference and needed to report back on, are gone, meaning you have nothing to show to your boss.

The cloud is simply an internet-based facility used to store, manage, and process data, making it accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Benefits of Huawei Mobile Cloud

With Huawei Mobile Cloud, you can back up all your data to a secure platform. There is a wide variety of information that you can back up – from photos and videos, to contacts, notes, calendar entries as well as some social media account data.

  • In the event of a device mishap, you can simply transfer your safely-stored data to a new device anytime, anywhere. Huawei Mobile Cloud is a platform with several benefits:
  • It automatically stores backup copies of all your photos, videos, contacts, notes, calendar entries, and data for some social media apps,
  • It can help you save device storage space by transferring some of your large files from your smartphone to the cloud,
  • The same data can be accessed by you from any other device and from any location, and
  • It is a secure and private platform, so your data is safely stored, inaccessible by others.

Consider cloud storage like a safe – it will keep all your mobile data and ensure it is secure and always available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

It’s a good idea to make use of this convenient tool so that when something goes wrong, you know that everything that matters to you is still safe.

How to get Huawei Mobile Cloud on your device

Huawei is currently running a limited-time, special offer, where you can get a one month free trial on its 50GB storage option.

Simply open the Cloud option from your Huawei ID menu (found under settings on your phone), click the Upgrade Storage button, select the 50GB monthly R0 option, and then press Buy.

After a month of zero payment, the package renews at an amount of only R14.99 a month.

You can also opt-out of this at any time. Don’t miss out on your one-month free trial!

This article is supplied and sponsored by Huawei.

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