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Showmax Pro in South Africa: Everything you need to know

showmax pro south africa

This week, MultiChoice announced the launch of Showmax Pro in South Africa — a premium version of Showmax that includes live sports streaming.

But you may have a few questions about the service — such as exactly which sports are available and pricing tiers.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the streaming service in South Africa.

Showmax Pro price in South Africa

The Showmax Pro Mobile subscription costs R225 per month in South Africa.

Meanwhile, the standard Showmax Pro subscription costs R449 per month.

Despite the cost, neither of the plans include 1080p or 4K content streaming.

The maximum resolution for Showmax Pro content is 720p, while Showmax Pro Mobile’s content comes at 360p resolution.

How to upgrade to Showmax Pro

Existing Showmax subscribers can upgrade their package on the Showmax website.

To do this, they need to log in and select the My Account menu and choose Manage Subscription.

“Any remaining days from the previous plan are converted into a voucher available in your account on the same page,” MultiChoice says.

“Vouchers are automatically redeemed when switching back to the previous plan.”

However, while upgrades are immediate, downgrades only occur once the current month’s subscription is completed.

Do DSTV customers get Showmax Pro for free?

While DSTV Premium customers can access Showmax for free, this does not apply to Showmax Pro.

“At this point there are no special Showmax Pro deals available to DStv customers,” MultiChoice says.

Which sports does Showmax Pro in South Africa include? Does it include rugby?

If you were hoping to stream local and international rugby using Showmax Pro, you’re out of luck.

The SuperSport live streaming focuses on football, such as Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and PSL games.

The service also includes IAAF Athletics, professional boxing, and the world’s biggest marathons.

South African users get exclusive access to Champions League football as well.

However, rugby, cricket, and golf are not included on the service.

MultiChoice says that football focus is due to it being the most popular sport in Africa.

“We may look at adding new sports or new bouquets in the future,” the company says.

Showmax Pro Mobile vs Showmax Pro

On Showmax Pro Mobile, you can stream content at 360p on one mobile device. Only one device can be registered and only one stream can play at a time. You cannot stream on a laptop or smart TV, only on a smartphone or tablet.

Standard Showmax Pro lets you stream at 720p. You can have five registered devices, with two streams at the same time.

This subscription lets you stream on mobile devices, as well as computers and smart TVs.

How to get Showmax Pro

You can sign up for the streaming service on the Showmax website.

On this page, you can also compare different Showmax plans to see what they include and cost.

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