Facebook brings Messenger to Instagram despite ongoing antitrust scrutiny

facebook messenger on instagram

Social networking platform, Facebook, has unveiled a brand new update that brings Facebook and Instagram closer together using Messenger.

The latest update comes with some ‘fun’ cosmetic features. But notably, the update includes cross-app communication features that will see Facebook’s Messenger features come to Instagram.

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On Instagram, users will have the option to install the update to access the latest features. These include a host of bonus features like changing your chat colour, using emojis to react to messages, connecting with friends who use Facebook to chat, and more.

“The main change is that people using the Messenger app can now reach you on Instagram without you needing to download a new app, and vice versa,” the company says.

Instagram users aren’t required to have a Facebook account to gain the new Messenger features.

Privacy concerns as Messenger comes to Instagram

The update may raise concerns for users who don’t want Facebook to integrate its apps further. The company’s track record on data leaks and harvesting user information continues to be a sticking point for privacy-minded users.

Facebook has noted that users will have the option to deactivate the feature that allows users to reach them using other Facebook platforms. You can do this by adjusting the setting through the privacy controls.

Users can also change whether message requests go directly to your Chats lists, your Message Requests tab or whether you receive them all.

Users can specify if they don’t want to be contacted by friends on Facebook.

However, Facebook’s move also comes amid continuing scrutiny by the United States Congress due to antitrust concerns.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Instagram was viewed as a competitor before they purchased the company.

However, this hasn’t stopped Facebook’s planned to increasingly integrate its apps.

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