Ever Given and Suez Canal crisis become 2021’s latest meme fodder

suez canal ever given ship memes twitter account

Because it’s 2021, there’s a massive nautical traffic jam in the Suez Canal caused by one of the world’s largest cargo ships, the Ever Given — and the internet has become fascinated by the situation, the digger tasked with freeing it, and the ensuing memes.

The bizarre situation started on 23 March when the ship, owned by Evergreen Marine, ran aground in the Suez Canal, a vital shipping waterway.

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Measuring 400 meters long, the Ever Given has almost entirely obstructed the canal, causing delays and a massive traffic jam around the area.

Attempts to move the container ship with tug crafts did not work. Authorities settled on attempting to dig out the bow of the ship, which had lodged into the shore of the canal.

Ever Given and Suez Canal memes and reactions emerge

The situation, as well as the juxtaposition between the mammoth task at hand and the seemingly tiny digger tasked with solving it, have spawned countless memes and online reactions.

After the initial reactions, memes emerged comparing the situation to other relatable life events and struggles.

Many people compared the situation to an iconic Austin Powers scene. Soon after, a Photoshopped GIF emerged:

The crisis has even inspired a few Twitter accounts.

Guy With The Digger At Suez Canal (@SuezDiggerGuy) has managed to attract a few thousand followers. The account has been sharing pictures of the digger scenes and comical takes on the situation.

There is also an MS Ever Given Twitter account. The bio reads: “Container ship. in a bit of a pickle. is really sorry.”

The account periodically tweets out apologies and embarrassment regarding the situation.

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