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Vodacom reveals more details about VodaPay Super App, invites developers to create programs

vodacom vodapay super app

Vodacom has revealed more details about its e-commerce VodaPay Super App, while inviting developers and businesses to create Mini Programs that can be added to the platform.

Last year, Vodacom Financial Services partnered with Alipay to begin creating the app, which will extend VodaPay’s capabilities past a mobile wallet.

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What to know about the VodaPay Super App

The Super App will act as a single point of entry and payment platform for a multitude of services and e-commerce offerings. Users of the app won’t need to download additional apps either — with services being available through the VodaPay platform.

Users will also be able to apply for microloans through the Vodacom AdvanceMe service.

You can also add items from shops to your wishlist, send gift ideas to friends, and set savings goals for yourself for your wishlist items.

Businesses will also send personalized offers and promotions to users.

According to Vodacom, around 70 businesses have already signed up or agreed to build Mini Programs for the app.

These include businesses such as Makro, Builders Warehouse, Clicks, Edgars, Game, Exclusive Books, Big Blue, Westpack, One Cart, Droppa, KFC,, and TravelStart.

The app will essentially act as a “huge digital mall”, while also providing users with multiple payment solutions within the app.

The app is also zero-rated for all Vodacom customers, meaning that it doesn’t cost data. But it is open to users on any mobile network.

Vodacom invites businesses and developers to apply

Vodacom has invited businesses and developers to apply to become part of the Super App.

“This is the perfect opportunity for businesses and developers to establish a presence in this hi-tech, scalable digital mall. They can access millions of potential customers every day,” Mariam Cassim, Chief Officer of Vodacom Financial and Digital Services, says.

Vodacom will provide support for start-ups and developers to launch their Mini App on the platform.

Businesses can register on the Business Partner registration portal.

Developers can register on the Mini Program platform.

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