City of Cape Town to livestream monthly council meetings

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The City of Cape Town has announced that it plans to livestream its monthly Council meetings so that the media and public can access them.

The municipality holds its Council meetings virtually. As such, they have announced they will now share the audio livestream link with the public.

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These links will be shared on the City’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the City’s official website on the day of the meeting.

The first audio livestream was shared for the meeting on 19 August at 10am.

However, the streams will also be available for future meetings.

“The City has worked hard to create a quality audio live streaming option for the public. In keeping with our principles of being transparent, accessible, and inclusive we are very happy to be able to provide our residents and the media with easy access to the Council meeting in order to keep the public informed and aware of the latest developments in Cape Town,” City of Cape Town Speaker Alderman Felicity Purchase said in a statement.

Previously during the pandemic, the meetings were broadcast in a Cape Town Civic Centre boardroom for media and the public.

However, a limited number of people could attend due to COVID-19 regulations.

How to tune into City of Cape Town Council meeting livestreams

Now, members of the public and media can listen to the stream on the City of Cape Town’s YouTube channel.

The city says recordings of the meeting will be available on YouTube for five working days after the meeting.

Members of the public are also able to view the meeting agenda on the City meeting calendar for the relevant date.

Those who subscribe to the YouTube channel can also receive a notification when a livestream starts.

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