Telegram adds new video features, calls of up to 1000 viewers

Telegram app video calls features 1000 users participants messages screen sharing

Telegram has introduced a collection of new app and video features, including letting users host video calls with up to 1 000 viewers.

The social media company announced the features on 30 July.

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The changes come more than a month after Telegram added group video calls to its mobile and desktop apps.

In group video calls, up to 30 participants can broadcast video from both their camera and screen.

In addition, up to 1 000 participants can join and view the call. Telegram said users could use the feature to host events such as online lectures.

It added it would continue to increase the user limit until “all humans on Earth can join one group call and watch us yodel in celebration”.

New Telegram video features

Meanwhile, Telegram has increased the quality of video messages. The messages now have higher resolution and users can click on them to expand them.

The app’s media player also now supports variable viewing speeds. Users can watch videos at 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2x playback speeds.

Users can change a video’s playback speed in the video options when watching them in fullscreen mode.

Telegram has also added Screen Sharing to one-on-one calls.

When making any video call, the app will pick up and broadcast sounds from users’ devices in addition to external sounds.

Additional features Telegram has introduced include precision drawing in the media editor, passcode animations, password recovery and reminders, and a new in-app camera for iOS.

It also expanded the period after which users can set messages to erase themselves. In addition to 24 hours and one week, users can now set messages to erase after one month.

Featured image: Telegram

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