Zoom to launch Whiteboard with expanded options

Zoom Whiteboard virtual meetings app Rooms sharing customisation

Zoom has announced it will launch an all-new version of its Whiteboard feature, complete with sharing and customisation options.

The new version will allow Zoom users to access whiteboards outside of virtual meetings.

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“Zoom Whiteboard will be your powerful virtual hub for real-time and asynchronous collaboration, creating more engaging and efficient meeting experiences,” Head of Zoom Rooms, Jeff Smith, wrote in a blog post.

“Any team, from enterprise to education, can use the Zoom Whiteboard experience to create, annotate, and share ideas from any device whether you’re in a Zoom meeting or not.”

According to Smith, Zoom Whiteboard will become available through a beta later this year.

What can you do with Zoom Whiteboard?

Users can access whiteboards on the web browser app and the Zoom client. They can also access them while sharing their screens in meetings and Zoom Rooms.

In addition, users can share whiteboards with others over email or in Zoom Chat to specific contacts or channels. They can also open shared whiteboards within Zoom Chat to work on them in real-time with other collaborators.

On whiteboards, users can attach sticky notes, add comments, and manage information flow using version controls.

Users can view all comments in a side panel on the right-hand side of the whiteboard.

Meanwhile, Zoom is working with Facebook to offer the platform in Virtual Reality (VR).

Integrated with Facebook’s new VR app, Horizon Workrooms, users can access Zoom Meetings and Zoom Whiteboard while wearing a VR headset. In meetings, they can access whiteboards on the desk in front of them or on the virtual walls.

Zoom said it anticipates the integration with Horizon Workrooms will become available next year.

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